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Official Venting and Support Group Thread

PostPosted: Wed Nov 13, 2013 2:15 am
by hemmerlady
Well it's been a bit of a ghost town 'round the Foil lately, understandably so. I'm almost in oiler hockey seclusion...DefCon 4: refer to schedule to see who we will be losing to that day, then check the score and hope to god I was wrong. Defcon 3 will be stop checking the score but still browse TSN to see what part of the Oiler shitshow the media are sensationalizing today.

I know I'm not alone in my almost utter discouragement and despair, and other things that start with everyone's favorite letter, D. So please, vent away...I will read. The best rant here will win a not-exciting, probably virtual prize from me (nothing dirty, get your head out of the gutter. Gr8one.)

My rant contribution for today:

What the hell is going on right now? I've never felt this bad as a fan before. The past few seasons were rough but there were patches of hope here and there. The game against LA, the couple of times we trounced the dirty Nucks, a few occasions when we were able to string a few wins together or not have half our roster on IR. But now... I have almost no hope left. I can't imagine what the locker room must feel like. Especially with half the fans going batshit about this fabricated Yak problem, and the other half hating on the whole team.

I really am a die hard fan, so I am riddled with guilt about my lack of hope and disloyal fan thoughts, but I can't stomach this right now. Nostalgia can only keep you going for so long.

Trading Smid and acquiring Bryz seem baffling to me... Maybe Bryz will help but I don't see how goaltending will ever have a chance to be good so long as we can't get the skaters to do anything other than hang the goalie out to dry. I don't get it.

Re: Official Venting and Support Group Thread

PostPosted: Wed Nov 13, 2013 8:36 am
by NorwegianOiler
Early this season I found I was no longer upset when our opponents equalized on us in the last minute. There was not even a shrug. It has just become too predictable. The timeline for success is indefinite. I shall vent once I have an actual emotion about the team again.

Re: Official Venting and Support Group Thread

PostPosted: Wed Nov 13, 2013 1:54 pm
by Metal&Oil
Whenever I feel down about the Oilers I just refer back to the good times? No no no, not the 80's, been there done that. I was just thinking back to some more recent times of glory for the Oilers. The Lockout of 2012. Good times, Good times!

Re: Official Venting and Support Group Thread

PostPosted: Thu Nov 14, 2013 7:36 pm
by Racki
I think for me I'm most tired of the team losing and saying "well, they could have won that game" and reading people saying "we have to be patient and not make any rash moves". Well.. here we are, in year 8 of the suck... year 8 of patience... the team is getting better and better on paper, yet the results aren't getting any better. Actually, the results are even WORSE now, to start this year. How the hell is that possible?

I hate to beat this dead horse, but I think the team needs to clean out some stagnant players.. again, that means Hemsky, and I'll even go as far as to suggest Sam Gagner. I think both as individuals are really good players, but on this team, I'm going to pick on them because they are the lesser of the skilled guys and neither have really the size we need. Gagner had a decent amount of net-presence, pre-broken jaw. So my impatience here may be a little unfair, but I like the idea that has been brought up before here of a Troy Brouwer. Push out a couple of the Hemsky/Gagner and even Yakupov (sorry) types and bring in a Troy Brouwer, a Wayne Simmonds... a few guys with some size with their skill, and you change the dynamic of the team.

To me, it's the same old story... there isn't enough sustained pressure... one guy does a marvelous individual play, and the next moment, we're watching the play go the other way.

I think the mix just isn't right, sadly.

In addition, the team still needs that stellar d-man, but we already know this is pretty hard to come by and likely won't happen anytime soon... so they might need to settle for a "stud-lite", such as an Ehrhoff type of d-man.

It looks like it will be another full year of pain, because these trades don't seem to happen mid-season. So I guess a little more of a pass to Tambo who seemed to sit on his hands all year... it seems it takes more than just wanting to do something (however I still think he's clueless, evidenced by bad decisions he did make).

I really do think MacT has to talk to Holmgren sometime soon and work something out to get Couturier and Simmonds... maybe even Coburn... two terrible teams both need to shake things up, so something COULD work here. This team needs a new face, as do the Flyers. Neither is dealing from a position of weakness, because both teams are equally terrible.

That top pick being up for grabs could be interesting..

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 16, 2013 5:31 pm
by chucker
Guys that need to GTFO:

Hemsky, Gagner, Acton, Eberle (maybe), Dubnyk, Labarbera, Eager, Jones, Fedun, Potter.

Acton has been OKAY, but he is not the dream fourth line centre. Arcobello has already showed us what we have been waiting 7 years for Gagner to do. He never will, he sucks. Plain and simple.

Also, how the eff does the PP and PK go from being league leaders to total shit? Eakins is over analyzing things I think on special teams.

Top needs are:

Bonafide number one goalie.
Top true no. 1 defenseman.
A solid number 3 defenseman.
3 wingers who hit and can chip in.
A centre to spell off with Arcobello.
Some guys that like to hurt other players when they body check.

So, basically the same thing I have been wanting for about a decade. This could be the year.....oh, WAIT until next season!

Also, they need to completely can all of management and coaching. Bring in a John Davidson kind of guy. Not sure who is out there but Katz can go to the bahamas with his old glory days Oilers and sit on the beach having Lowe stroke his ego about how great they used to be. I bet those rings would be shiny in the sun.

How on earth do Bucky and Smith survive so many coaching changes. Bucky is the new Joey. Job for life because he is special needs.

Katz has to feel shame for this idiocy. I hope he wakes up one day soon and look at what Pegula did and realize that this is the way to go.

Re: Official Venting and Support Group Thread

PostPosted: Wed Dec 11, 2013 1:45 am
by hemmerlady
@NorBot: that sounds pretty bad, that you've reached the apathy phase. I wonder if it's easier.

Things have been, uh, "better" in the last month - by better I mean weird, and also I mean: not really. Most games I feel more like the opposing team beats themselves than we actually defeated them. It would be so much better if we could lose games we don't deserve to win, learn our lessons (plural), and apply them to the next game. But that doesn't seem to be in the cards. As someone said on Twitter recently, we're either going to win by 5 goals, or lose by 5 goals. Or only play the last 5 minutes of a game. It's a gong show.

Scary, scary 'defensive' play. Mind-boggling lack of response to liberties, cheap shots, and dirty hits. Production by some of the kids, but also lack of accountability from those we would expect it the most. It's bewildering.

If y'all are on Twitter, I've been going there during games instead of GDT since no one's been showing up lately, not that I blame them. @hemmerlady

p.s. Sorry for the delay in responding folks. HL has been falling down on the job. (Valid excuse - my gig was a success btw!)

Re: Official Venting and Support Group Thread

PostPosted: Sat Dec 14, 2013 3:36 am
by Alan-NottsUK
I don't get how they can play 2 periods of hockey like they did against Boston, and then just not turn up (except perron & gazdic) against Vancouver.

Also Eakins should bench anyone that opts to toe drag instead of shoot when they have a shooting lane.

Half the team needs to be cleared out, anyone not buying in should be shipped out, no matter what their status is.

Re: Official Venting and Support Group Thread

PostPosted: Sat Dec 14, 2013 6:45 pm
by Racki
In all honesty, this lame ass team has killed my desire to blog. Sorry everyone.. I've been letting Trogdor handle most of the GDT's this year, and I am pretty much done making any of those.. just not worth the time. I appreciate that there have been people coming by over the years to stop in and chat, but I think we'll put them on hiatus for a while. Most people don't really want to come on and watch this team stink it up... so most nights there is no one around.. maybe one... and I don't blame anyone.

I applaud guys like Lowetide who can write posts on a daily basis. I can't write one per month these days! It's the same old stuff... "this team is sucks.. hang on.. sign of life... no wait.. they still suck". Really, I will say, there is signs of improvement, and they are getting there, but I agree with anyone that says that they need to make some strong changes here.. those bold changes MacT talked about. Maybe talk to Winnipeg about one of their big name D-men, even though they are in our conference now.. who knows. Move a guy like Yak. My untouchable list now includes Hall, Nuge, Perron... I'd say Gordon just because it doesn't make sense replacing him and he's perfect at what he does... maybe Arco because he does what he does well for cheap (queue Moneyball reference). That's pretty much it at the NHL level. I don't think I really have an attachment to anybody else.

Re: Official Venting and Support Group Thread

PostPosted: Sun Dec 15, 2013 3:53 am
by Alan-NottsUK
The only forwards signed for next year are:

Eberle (tradable most value)
Gagner (should be, but won't be traded will look too bad on the team after giving their word it won't happen)
Yakupov (tradable second most value)

Ference is the only defenceman signed for next season.

and we don't have a goalie signed for next year.

assets that can be moved at the deadline maybe:
N. Schultz

Re: Official Venting and Support Group Thread

PostPosted: Sun Dec 15, 2013 4:13 am
by NorwegianOiler
I am happy for the FHL - it gives hockey meaning while the Oilers are not.

Re: Official Venting and Support Group Thread

PostPosted: Sun Dec 15, 2013 10:21 am
by Racki
So apparently Friedman says that Khudobin could be moved. Might be a good pick up for a backup here. Still need our starter. I'd love to have Bryzgalov stay, but I imagine he will want to flee the coop the moment he has any value

Re: Official Venting and Support Group Thread

PostPosted: Sun Dec 15, 2013 11:15 pm
by Metal&Oil
I fear that this is only the beginning. The Oilers problem in a nutshell is that we have forwards that don't play D grouped with defencemen that don't play it ether.

This mess is gonna take another 7-8 years too clean up. I can hardly blame the POTF team with losing interest in blogging about this car wreck.

(From last nights icy road condition, I love this picture LOL)

Re: Official Venting and Support Group Thread

PostPosted: Mon Dec 16, 2013 12:45 am
by hemmerlady
I can't! I just can't do it anymore! I tuned in for a bit but turned it off. I gather it wasn't the worst game they've played and Nuge had some life. But that's it for me. Until there are signs of several blockbuster trades, I don't have any emotions left to invest in this team. I don't want to hear the excuses anymore. Fix it! Get the pieces we need or stop pretending we can drive 5 hours with a broken rust bucket with sidewall tires, nitrous in the trunk, and a couple fancy hood ornaments. The thing is fucking broken. Fix it!!!

(This has been brought to you by the letter R. For rant.)

Re: Official Venting and Support Group Thread

PostPosted: Mon Jan 27, 2014 4:56 am
by NorwegianOiler
I wonder what MacTavish is thinking after his offseason comments that too many players were at best contributing as non factors. He has brought in an entirely new fourth line that has produced the same result as the previous one. To no one's surprise, the likes of Gazdic, Acton, Jones, Joensuu and company have done fuck all to improve our bottom six. As we continue to pick up players that lack all round ability expecting them to stay afloat in the NHL, we continue to make moves where they are least necessary. So far we've moved laterally on goalies (the Scrivens deal was, however, in itself a good move) and backwards on defense. There's still no clear reason why Smid was moved as it cannot have been for "cap space" for Bryzgalov as we had plenty of room. It cannot have been to shore up at center, because Horak has not been seen. It cannot have been to improve goaltending, because Brossoit is years away from contributing.

Now, a deal requires more than one willing GM, but as MacTavish continues to hide behind the fact that the Oilers have made "many" deals, they all elude one very important variable of success: Quality. There simply is no need to make a large number of moves when neither does anything but shift sideways.

We could have used players like Jimmy Hayes, Kevin Klein, Max Talbot, or even Tim Gleason (though at a cost) - all of whom have been moved this season, all of whom can play at an NHL level. Instead we bring in marginal NHL talent and pat ourselves on the back talking about quantity. It all depends on cost, of course, but I cannot fathom how we are not able to produce at least some upgrades to what we have.

Re: Official Venting and Support Group Thread

PostPosted: Mon Jan 27, 2014 1:32 pm
by Racki
The perron / paajarvi was his one masterpiece but, yes, he's failed to fix things here. At the same time I don't think he realized how hard it would be so I suspect a lot of effort will be made in free agency.

I am a big Brossoit fan and believe be will pay off eventually, but I didn't see moving Smid as a good idea either.

I personally hope the Oilers don't go crazy trying to land a goaltender. The biggest need is defense that can play defence. (Ex. Ladi Smid). The next big minute D we get here has to excel at defense first and foremost before I give a shit what he can do offensively.

MacT needs to be bold as promised. The only untouchable should be Hall. It is long time to move a top forward talent for a top D talent if that's what he has to do to acquire one.

Re: Official Venting and Support Group Thread

PostPosted: Tue Jan 28, 2014 5:31 pm
by Alan-NottsUK
Regarding the trades

Perron for Pajaarvi and a 2nd is a huge win.

Hendricks for Dubnyk is another trade I think the Oilers win, vet guy battles hard talks a bunch on the ice/bench

Scrivens for 3rd a great trade if he will re-sign for a reasonable salary, the defence looks more comfortable in front of him and he's another guy that talks a lot. Maybe that's why the D looks better in front of him.

Brossoit and Horak for Smid and Roy. Wasn't happy with this. But it's allowed Marincin to step in and play and he looks so comfortable rarely makes mistakes, so calm, great use of his stick, and somehow he's actually a + player on this team.


The last few games have given me some form of hope that the team can end up going in the right direction.


Hall - RNH - Eberle
Perron - ? - Yakupov
? - Gordon - Hendricks
Gazdic - ? - Joensuu

I think Pitlick would fit on the line with Gordon and Hendricks just fine.
That leaves a 2c and 4c to find in the summer.

I expect Gagner to be traded before the draft.

But honestly that forward group doesn’t worry me at all.

? - ?
Marincin - Petry
Ference - J. Schultz

The biggest problem the Oilers are going to have is addressing the defence. They need a top pairing guy badly, but it’s not going to be easy to get one. Girardi would be worth trying to sign, then you need to try and find a LHS as well, the best one who is a UFA will probably be Macdonald, but I expect his salary demands to be insanely high.

And if this need isn't addressed you have everyone playing over the level they should be again which is a disaster waiting to happen.


I think the Oilers resign one of the 2, I hope it’s Scrivens, but there are a lot of goalies who look like they will be going to free agency this year.


Re: Official Venting and Support Group Thread

PostPosted: Tue Jan 28, 2014 9:05 pm
by Racki
I'll take Scrivens again. I'd even take Scrivens AND Bryz again, if Bryz would re-sign, even though he's shitting the bed. This team has shitty defense...if you can even call them defensemen.

I don't want to go chasing big name goaltenders, so I'd say count me out of the race for any of those names if they come at too high a price, and I'm pretty sure at least 3 will. Again, the Oilers really need to address D, and the problems with GA aren't so much goaltending issue (although it hasn't helped) as it has been a very porous defense. If they're going to overpay on anything, it should be a D-man. I'd even give up one of the big names on this team (not Hall) for a rock solid blueliner.