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Oilers 2014 Deadline recap..

PostPosted: Tue Mar 04, 2014 1:48 pm
by Racki
Bryz to Minny for a 4th rounder.

Fasth to Edmonton for 5th this year, 3rd next.

Hmm. Fasth a risk. Had some good games last year. Oil wanted him bad a year ago. Injuries made him useless this year. High cap hit.

Cautiously optimistic. But we need good D in a bad way.

Re: Bryz out, Fasth in

PostPosted: Tue Mar 04, 2014 2:14 pm
by Alan-NottsUK
The Oilers will be paying less for their tandem than quite a few teams will be paying for their starter alone next year. hopefully this gives enough space to sign some of the better D

Re: Bryz out, Fasth in

PostPosted: Tue Mar 04, 2014 3:54 pm
by Racki
Ya that's a very valid point. For what it's worth too roli, Anaheim GM and Cogliano all spoke high of Fasth... Say he will be a starter here. Not that this is a tough job to get.

Re: Bryz out, Fasth in

PostPosted: Tue Mar 04, 2014 4:07 pm
by Quinstone
What concerns me about our tandem going into next year is the same thing that we all had questions about this year. It was can they(Dubnyk) be a consistent starter in this league. That's what worries me about this, although I have liked what I've seen from Scrivens so far, it could be one of those hot streaks every goalie goes through. I think this team would have definately benefited far more by going after a goalie with a proven track record and that has done it consistently year in and year out. Has the potential to work out though which is somewhat exciting, just not a fan of the risk side of it not working out. I'm tired of all the losing and if it does not work out it could be a similar season to this one.

Re: Bryz out, Fasth in

PostPosted: Tue Mar 04, 2014 4:33 pm
by Racki
My belief (throwing out random numbers here) is good goaltending is 20% good goaltender and 80% good defense. This tandem will be great, but only if the blue line issues are corrected. Miller, Luongo, even Lundqvist would probably struggle here

Re: Bryz out, Fasth in

PostPosted: Tue Mar 04, 2014 4:41 pm
by Alan-NottsUK
what does the market for Dmen look like for the summer? I remember having a look earlier in the year and it looked like it would be more going the trade route than being able to get high end UFAs

Re: Bryz out, Fasth in

PostPosted: Tue Mar 04, 2014 4:50 pm
by Racki
Unfortunately you are correct. MacT got his work cut out for him.

Re: Oilers 2014 Deadline recap..

PostPosted: Wed Mar 05, 2014 7:30 pm
by Racki
So today the Oilers dropped Hemsky for a 5th in 2014 and 3rd in 2015, and Nick Schultz for a 5th rounder (unsure the year, yet).

Obviously these were not superb value moves. They were moves that had to be done, and basically all you can say is the Oilers tried to get as much value as they could for two guys who wouldn't be here next year (one that wanted to try his luck elsewhere in Hemsky, and one who didn't have the play level necessary to stick around here in Schultz). The value is likely the best MacTavish could get for these guys, so I can't criticize it.

An interesting thing I heard today is that the Oilers now have a mere SIX players on their NHL roster that were here when Tambi was here. That's crazy. This is very quickly becoming MacTavish's team. Do you think it's becoming better? I personally think that in some cases you have to take steps back to go forward, and that's what we're seeing here. I hate to beat a dead horse, but I think Tambellini was incompetent in his ability to evaluate NHL players. I think MacTavish is better at that and has brought in some quality guys that will definitely stick in Boyd Gordon, Ben Scrivens, David Perron, and Matt Hendricks (I include him because he's my new Raffi Torres-lite... minus the scoring, he's a keeper).

Luke Gazdic I think was a good pickup for what he brings and his role, but I know many of the stats nerds will disagree. Andrew Ference.. he doesn't seem to be the d-man MacT hoped for. Quality "locker room guy" though, apparently. So who knows how far that goes. Not a huge negative factor though, and I think his deficiencies are a little overblown. Anton Belov I'd like to see back next year as the jury is still out on him.

Viktor Fasth has potential to be a bust, but the Ducks organization spoke pretty highly of him and mentioned that his injury problems this year really hampered him and killed him in the depth chart. Here, he could end up being a starter, or at least push Scrivens. Excellent, I say.

I would have liked to see Gagner moved, just to close that chapter, but it's clear the value was nowhere near there, and we aren't losing him for nothing in July, so might as well tough it out. He also could recover.

Players that MacT brought in that clearly didn't work: Philip Larsen (minor risk.. involved in the Horc move.. Horc unfortunately had negative value and he sadly was a distraction), Jesse Joensu (UFA signing), Will Acton (useless, but a free agent signing), Ryan Hamilton (free agent signing, not terrible, but really insignificant out there), Denis Grebshkov (terrible decision, but no risk due to UFA signing), Jason LaBarbera (clearly not a good choice and partly responsible for where the team is), Mark Fraser (we lost a player some really liked in Harti and got nothing in return..I thought Harti played himself out of a job).

I'm somewhat disappointed that Smid was traded away for very little. That will be a trade we won't be able to really evaluate for at least 3 years, however, unless Brossoit blows our minds (btw, he's on the verge of setting the ECHL single season shutouts record).

Other brilliant decisions:
- finally dropping Devan Dubnyk. I have been kind of on the fence with this guy for a while. Just when I would think "hey he's not so bad, and could be good enough", he takes a shit on the ice.
- Tweaking the goaltending all year. We went from DD and Khabibulin (who was UFA) to DD and LaBarbera, to DD and Bryzgalov to Bryzgalov and Scrivens to where we are now, Scrivens and Fasth. They aren't the most tried and true goalies, but I firmly believe this is a quantum leap ahead of where we were at day 1... or in any year since Roli left.
- I'll re-bring up Luke Gazdic. I think dropping Brown for Gazdic this year was very smart. These guys aren't game changers, necessarily, but I still think this was a good move. I know most probably don't see it as much, and that's fine.

Where are we at next year? I think we're way ahead of where we started the year. The reason for that is quite simple, unlike Tambellini (sorry to beat on the dead) who would constantly evaluate, maybe trim some fat, and then bring in another set of players who had no business sticking, MacTavish has really turned this team over, kept the important players, and brought in some more guys who can really make this team better. Is this team good enough to make the playoffs next year, yet? No. Definitely not. But MacTavish made it a lot easier on himself to get it to that level. We're now sitting in a position where we can move a top six player for some defensive help, make some minor bottom six adjustments, and we're good to go, I believe.

I think underrated is that we finally have a goaltender that can steal games, as well. We might even have two. This isn't something we've had since Roli.

If I'm MacT, I trade Yakupov (hate me if you will for bringing it up), if the value is there, for a solid d-man. If not, you hang on to him, as our RW depth took a hit moving Hemsky. I also see if I can bring another higher end d-man in the mix too. Not talking about a "Weber".. but a guy in the Ehrhoff range (as gr8 pointed out, we might be on his no list though). I wouldn't even be opposed to Markov, as long as he isn't the biggest name they bring here. Lastly, I make the UFA signings to finish off the bottom six. Oh, one last thing, I see if the home for Gagner is available yet.

That makes the team:


Yakupov return - Markov/Ehrhoff-type


I've put Arcobello in the 2nd line center role, because I think he could hold the fort now until we have something better.

Some names I'd consider if I'm MacT:
Paul Stastny, if not looking for a raise.
Jussi Jokinen (line 2 winger)
Radim Vrbata if the price is right to replace Hemmer
David Legwand?? I think he's a bit underrated, but the money he asks for might be too rich at this stage.
Mason Raymond - also underrated guy
Steve Ott - love the game he brings even if it's on the downswing. Might be too pricey though.
Again, Markov. This will be an overpay though, so I can't see it happening. Ideally we land someone that will be here for 2 or 3 years or so and be reliable in that time.
Andrew MacDonald will be a popular name, and therefore a guy getting wads of cash (maybe playing for Philly will lower his value, however ahah). But I'll mention him anyways because the Oilers need to get serious at this position and need guys who can lead the Oilers future blueliners.
Nikita Nikitin will always get his name brought up. Struggled a bit this year. Not a high end d-man, at least at this point, so he qualifies probably more as a 2nd pairing guy with potential to move up.
Cheating here, but via trade, I'd consider Tyler Myers.. but the cost will likely be too high.
Maybe Kyle Quincey.

Re: Oilers 2014 Deadline recap..

PostPosted: Wed Mar 12, 2014 12:38 am
by hemmerlady
Thanks for the recap, Racki. On behalf of steve-o and myself: ....damn.

Break hemmerlady's heart: check.

Seriously though I think we got the most we could for Hemsky; he wanted to go. If you love something let it free. It has been nice to see him get so many points in the last few games. Here's hoping the Sens make the playoffs. Yeah, yeah...

Hopefully MacT can do some shrewd dealing in the off season. Certainly a lot more to do to put out many tire fires.

Re: Oilers 2014 Deadline recap..

PostPosted: Wed Mar 12, 2014 5:55 pm
by Racki
On a good note, Hemsky has 6 assists in 3 games with the Sens so far. Two 3 assist games.