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Season reviews

All talk about the Edmonton Oilers
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 04, 2012 8:18 am
Though the season isn't over, I'm going to be pretty busy in the next few weeks so figured I'd throw this up now.

#4 Taylor Hall: 61GP 27|26|53| -3
Another injury shortened season, but Hall showed again that he has the ability to take over games, and also showed how crucial he is to the team in terms of leadership, they seem to put far more effort in when he play.
One thing that could be worth noting, regarding Hall’s skating is that with this shoulder surgery hopefully he won’t be subconsciously trying to protect his shoulder, so that should improve his balance.

#5 Ladi Smid: 78GP 5|10|15 +4
Amazing season for Smid, capped off with a career high in points and goals. Formed a very good partnership with Petry as well, even if he doesn’t develop more next season I think most fans would be very happy with what he brings to the team. RFA

#6 Ryan Whitney: 49GP 3|17|20 -14
Injury problems for Whitney again, this time with his ankle, which has obviously effected his mobility, and effectiveness at both ends of the ice, but he seems confident that he can regain his mobility with off-season training.

#10 Shaun Horcoff: 79GP 13|21|34 -22
Saddled with the hardest minutes of anyone on the team, probably given too much TOI, but that is not his fault, hopefully next season his role will be lessened, allowing him to be more effective.

#13 Cam Barker: 23GP 2|0|2 -1
Started off the season reasonably well, didn’t seem to be giving up too many chances in his own end, but wasn’t producing any offence, just as he scored a couple of goals he got injured, and since then hasn’t done a great deal at all. Probably won’t be resigned. RFA

#14 Jordon Eberle: 76GP 33|42|74 +4
An amazing year for Eberle, far exceeded everyone’s highest expectations, consistently been around the top10 in scoring in the entire league, and with a fraction of the ice time many of those players get.

#15 Nick Shultz: 18GP 0|4|4 +1
Not been an Oiler for long, but has been impressive in the few games he’s played.

#16 Darcy Hordichuk: 41GP 1|2|3 -3
I didn’t realise how many games Hordichuk had actually played this year before looking up the stats, which goes to show just how little he has been used. He seems to be a player who knows his role, and will perform it well. The games against the Wild where he drove Staubitz insane were great. Whether or not he is retained may depend on who the coach is next year. UFA

#20 Eric Belanger: 76GP 4|12|16 -12
Bought in to address a need in terms of face offs, and defensive duty, which he has done, however this has probably also been his worst season in terms of offensive play, and it has effected everyone who has been on a line with him. Hopefully next year he can return to being the 2-way player he was in Phoenix.

#23 Linus Omark: 14GP 3|0|3 -5
I’m not the biggest fan of Omark, however he wasn’t given a chance this year at all. Pretty much no chance he will be an Oiler going forward, hopefully he will be traded at the draft. RFA

#24 Theo Peckham: 54GP 1|2|3 +0
Regressed a lot this year, seems to have gotten away from what made him successful last season, needs to go back to just making simple plays and being physical. I hope he is re-signed because the potential is there for him to be a good bottom pair guy, however we now have a lot of Defensive depth in the system who will be pushing for a place next year. RFA

#25 Andy Sutton: 50GP 3|7|10 +6
Got suspended a couple of times, which doesn’t bother me, brings a nastiness to the team which has been missing, also has pretty decent hands, and couple be a good mentor to some of the younger players looking to take on a similar role to him.

#28 Ryan Jones: 77GP 17|15|32 -8
Jones has been played on all different lines, in all different roles again this year. It’s a shame he won’t hit 20 Goals, as his play has tailed off a little down the stretch, but he’s a guy who’s valuable to the team, and provides good secondary scoring and PK work.

#33 Colton Tuebert: 22GP 0|1|1 -4
Hasn’t looked bad in the games he’s played, will probably start next year in the AHL.

#37 Lennart Petrell: 59GP 4|5|9 -9
A nice surprise this year, adjusted to the NA ice and game quickly and has been a solid member of the PK and a good role player. Hope he will be re-signed. UFA

#44 Corey Potter: 66GP 4|17|21 -16
Looks good when playing limited minutes, done well on the PP, but when injuries struck and his minutes were increased looked to be a little lost.

#55 Ben Eager: 62GP 8|5|13 -1
I was hoping to see a more aggressive Ben Eager than the one we have seen this year, he’s here for a while and while he has taken some dumb penalties he’s also provided pretty good secondary scoring for a guy who for the most part is given limited minutes.

#56 Teemu Hartikainen: 15GP |2|3|5 +3
His first 2 call ups did not go well for him, but considering how many games he’d played 5/6 nights 4/6 nights that can’t really be surprising, on his latest call up he has looked pretty good in the top 6, both with 14&93 and 83&89. He gives the other players on his line space to work and adds a nice physical presence.

#57 Anton Lander: 56GP 2|4|6 -8
Adapted well to the NA ice and game, limited minutes on the 4th line meant there weren’t a lot of chances to see offensive upside. At the very least I’d hope he will turn into a solid 3rd line C used to shut down other teams top guys.

#58 Jeff Petry: 71GP 2|22|24 -9
Started off pretty slow, and looked nervous at times, as the season has gone on he has gotten more consistent and fortunately for the Oilers the consistency has come at the high end of his level of play, he’s formed a great partnership with Smid. Could do with using his shot more often though. RFA

#83 Ales Hemsky: 67GP 10|25|35 -14
Spent some time on the IR and spent a large portion of the season looking disinterested. Since the trade deadline has passed Hemsky has started to play like many expected him to all season, he seems comfortable with his shoulder, and also with his role on the team. While most attention will be on the kids Hemsky will be key to whether the team can make the playoffs next year.

#89 Sam Gagner: 73GP 17|29|46 +5
Probably the most frustrating player on the team. One game he can be great another he just has nothing going. This season his face offs & defensive game has become a lot better, however he seems to be stuck around the same level in terms of offensive output. Even with an 8pt game he hasn’t managed to crack 50pts. RFA

#91 Magnus Paajarvi: 41GP 2|6|8 -7
Got put with Belanger, and his offense suffered as a result, needs to use his size and speed and drive to the net.

#93 Ryan Nugent-Hopkins: 60GP 18|33|51 -1
Outstanding start to the season, but had started to tail off before injury, came back strong after his return and is easily the best rookie in the NHL this year. Once he gains some more size and strength he will be one of the league’s best.

#94 Ryan Smyth: 80GP 19|27|46 -4
Amazing start to the season, but was overplayed and has shown obvious fatigue over the second half of the season. It would be nice to see him hit 20G. I hope he is re-signed and that next year whoever the coach is learns from the mistakes made this year, and will give him less TOI/G or doesn’t play him every game. UFA

#35 Nikolai Khabibulin: 40GS 12-20-7
2 Shutouts, a save percentage of 0.910% and a GAA of 2.65, Khabi had a great start to the season, but hasn’t won a game in 2012. Has shown he can still play well, and will be in the last year of his contract next year, should be the back-up next season.

#40 Devan Dubnyk: 40GS 20-19-2
2 Shutouts, a save percentage of 0.915 and a GAA of 2.56. Dubnyk had a tough start to the season, but has been awesome since the turn of the year, needs to find consistency and stop letting in soft goals as much as he currently is, but has taken another solid step in his development, should be the starter next year. RFA

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